Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Landscapes of Southern Mexico

Recently this blog has strayed a bit from its theme of "looking at the natural world". Let's correct that: here are some landscapes.

Most of our time in Mexico was spent in cities, as you can see in the previous posts about windows and the Day of the Dead. But we also took some day trips outside of Oaxaca to see the ruins at Monte Alban and Mitla, crafts, markets, and the spectacular mineral deposits called Hierve el Agua. The entire region is set in rugged terrain of mountains and valleys, so even short trips afforded dramatic views.

Ruins at Monte Alban and Sierra Madre del Sur
Landscape near Teotitl├ín del Valle 
Hierve el Agua: Cascada Chica
Hierve el Agua: Cascada Grande

Hierve el Agua pool
Susan at Hierve el Agua

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