Sunday, April 23, 2017

African Wildlife, part 2

Every day on safari brought new sightings. Impala were the most numerous of the large animals and among the most beautiful. We saw other antelopes as well: kudu, tsessebe, waterbuck, bushbuck, red lechwe, eland, puku, Sharpe's grysbok, and klipsringer.

Impala, Okavango National Park
Kudu, Okavango National Park
Zebra were also a common sight, sometimes in the company of wildebeest. Apparently they are better able to spot predators using the multiple talents of different species.

Zebra, Okavango National Park
Wildebeest, Okavango National Park
Cape Buffalo, Okavango National Park
Vervet Monkeys, Chobe National Park


  1. In Africa, I think, it is hard to take a bad shot! So beautiful.

  2. Yeah, well, I took plenty of bad shots. But the keepers are so worth it. When will we see you guys? Let's get together.