Sunday, April 8, 2018

Chilean Terra del Fuego, Part 2

More glaciers were in store for us. The Garibaldi Glacier is at the north end of a nearly 2-mile-long fjord. We sailed up the fjord, but steady winds of 35 mph meant no Zodiac excursions that day.
Garibaldi Glacier
Overnight we rounded Tierra del Fuego island and sailed west through Cockburn and Magdalena channels into De Agostini Sound at dawn.

De Agostini National Park from Agostini Sound
Isla Grande Tierra del Fuego from Agostini Sound
The Zodiacs took us to a cobbled beach, where we left our life jackets and hiked to Águila Glacier. It sits above a placid lake surrounded by sub-Antarctic rainforest.
Landing for Águila Glacier
Águila Glacier

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