Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Another iPhone picture

You may recall that I recently purchased an iPhone 5s, in part because of the nice camera that it contains. Here's a photo of our cat Ty Ty in his never-ending quest for sunshine and warmth, taken with the 5s. It's a jpeg straight from the phone, with no adjustments.

A couple of things are notable about this image, I think. First, in this very contrasty shot, with direct sunlight coming through a window, you still get decent detail in some of the shadows. Look at the painting in the background, for instance.

And the resolution is very good. Here's a crop of the same shot:

The fur and the paint texture hold up nicely in this enlargement. I didn't add any sharpening. Click on the image to view it larger.

The iPhone has some issues. The very-low-light pictures I've taken aren't great but, c'mon, this is a small sensor (4.89 by 3.67 mm, according to AnandTech). I've had one lock-up unrelated to the camera, and the voice dictation--great when it works--mysteriously refuses to be available in the Notes application at times. Overall though, and in particular regarding photos, I'm happy so far.

My previous iPhone photos are in this post.

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