Thursday, January 21, 2016

Weekly Challenge: Artistic, Red

This week's challenge from Dogwood Photography is "Artistic: Red--Shoot whatever inspires you. Red should be the focus of the image. Don't be afraid to be creative."

I used this artistic license to colorize an image in Photoshop. There's almost nothing you can't do in Photoshop, and there are thousands of tutorials out there. I used one from Phlearn about selecting and replacing colors. It was a chance to review the eyedropper tool and get more familiar with the hue/saturation adjustment layer.

The original image was of frost on a window. To me it suggested something a bit cosmological.

Red Cosmos
My wife had excitedly showed me a cut red pepper with a graceful structure within. I couldn't resist it either, so I'm including it in this weekly challenge. Maybe I'll get extra credit.

Red Pepper

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